The older I get the more I find myself appreciating and practicing the rituals of the original Steel Magnolia, Estelle Elayne Butler Bryant, my mother.  She was born on March 3, 1933 (that’s right, 3-3-33) in her family home  and raised and settled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  She was adored by everyone: babies, children, my high school and college friends, her friends, OUR ENTIRE FAMILY, the community, politicians, entertainers.  After one meeting, people remembered her vividly.  When she died in December 2005 my then 7 year old daughter remarked, “Lanee was like fairy dust, Mommy – she leaves sparkles every she went and everybody she talked to.  She’s always right here”.

In this blog I honor her memory, her faith, her love of life, laughter, unity and all things beautiful.

As her eldest daughter(I’m a first born twin) her legacy lives on through us all who remember her. I just want to share her legacy, that God given grace to always make my sphere of influence a better place.

By His Grace,

Sharon Elayne Bryant Zimmerman

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